Vital masonry

FeelfreeHome in English

More than 175 years Haring is involved in the construction industry as highly skilled bricklayers. Their clients may expect true craftsmanship. But there is more than that, because Haring also cares about the well-being of her clients.

We are exposed to radiation by masts ( UMTS, GSM ) on a daily basis, but also to radiation in our homes or at the office (DECT-telephones, wireless internet, microwave ovens, etc.). Because of all this, there is a growing need for a place where we can really ‘recharge’ and really feel at home.
This is now possible, because Haring builds FeelfreeHome. To achieve this, Haring only makes use of durable materials and know-how that our ancestors already knew: the ingredients are mortar made of shell lime (without any cement or chemical additives) and highly vital water.

Why use shell lime mortar?

  • Healthy interior environment. The plaster of shell lime mortar lets through vapour and  regulates humidity, without mold or household mite.
  • Dryer. No ugly stains on exterior walls, dryer cavity, better insulation.
  • Durable. The pointing doesn’t need any maintenance for the first decades. The mortar breathes, attracts CO2 and therefore prevents formation of alga.
  • Elastic. The masonry is vibration resistant and able to absorb variable loads. Furthermore shell lime mortar has the ability to recover itself, because it hardens under the influence of air.
  • Environment friendly. Shells are extendible, banks of shells have the ability to regenerate. After demolition mortar can be removed from bricks, so they can be re-used.

Why use highly vital water?
Highly vital water is water the way water should be. Thanks to the vitaliser that is connected to the water pipe, the water gets its original structure, like the water from a mountain spring. Besides this, vital water has a high energetic ( Bovis)value. The water has many qualities and in first instance is meant for a better well-being. Because of the good properties and results the highly vital water is applied more and more. For man, plant and animal; in the nutrition industry and now even in the construction industry.

Why FeelfreeHome?
The combination of above mentioned ingredients, shell lime mortar and highly vital water, makes it possible to create a good and healthy living environment. By experience we know that highly vital masonry reduces radiation from outside. This in combination with the other advantages enables us to create a living environment that gives us a better defense against daily exposure to elements such as electrosmog by masts, wireless networks and microwave ovens.
By placing more FeelfreeHomes next to each other, we establish an even stronger energy field, less radiation and a better environment. In first instance Haring concentrates on construction of new houses. The way of working is also suitable to make a good and healthy place of work inside a company building. Modifications to and restoration of existing buildings is also a possibility.
Haring wants to make people aware of the fact that they can do something against the negative effects of radiation. Haring is more than willing to give you advise about the possibilities of our product.

About Haring
Haring – vital masonry was established in 1978 and is mainly involved in construction of residential buildings. The family name Haring is connected to masonry since 1831 and therefore bricklaying is a true family business.
The bricklaying and pointing is done as sub-contractor to main contractors. Our company employs 6 all-round bricklayers who are craftsmen in all associated disciplines. Apart from masonry for new buildings, we also do restoration works and special masonry such as garden walls, fireplaces, chimneys but also tiling for bathrooms.